When you are a deeply sensing woman,
it's absolutely necessary to
master your emotional mindset... 

​I get it.

You're a woman who has it all together (or so it appears).
You 'dealt with' your vulnerabilities a long time ago so you could show up empowered, confident and outgoing in your work and responsibilities.

But now, years later, you're finding that your sensitivities are catching up with you...and you don't know what to do about it. 

You're finding yourself:

~ Emotional or overreacting to minor things (or struggling to feel your emotions)

~ Shut off from the most important people in your life (you're just going through the motions)

~ Unable to stop the constant self editing, mind chatter & self doubt (you struggle to be truly present)

What's more is you feel this deep pulling from within your Soul like there's something you're meant to be doing or understanding (but you don't know how to figure that out)

You're in the right place if you are ready to:

 ~ Profoundly impact the world                               ~ Ditch the endless mind chatter 

 ~ Create an unshakeable sense of intuition     ~ Trust in your life & let go of self doubt          
 ~ Clarify your purpose & impact                             ~ Step into belonging & support  


Ignite your Soul & spiritual connection!!


​​​​"These past few months of working with Jackie have been nothing short of AMAZING. Very quickly I felt a deep trust with her as well as so much compassion, understanding & kindness.

​Before starting this program, life was okay however I felt very unsettled, emotional at the drop of a hat & never ending feelings of guilt & discontentment. I've had so many epiphanies & 'a-ha' moments - coaching has brought so much clarity into my life."

~ Laurie Ritchie
Laurie's  Vintage   Creations & Decor 
​      Viking, AB 


​Retrace the journey I took to awaken my intuition, let go of self doubt and to trust my Self...

I had no idea when my journey began that I was walking the steps that would guide me into re-aligning with my Soul Self...all I knew was that it felt like I had no control over the chatter in my mind, I was tired of feeling insecure with myself and I just wanted to feel at ease, peaceful and calm on a consistent basis.

So what did I do?!

I gathered my expertise and experience from my own journey, years spent working with my coach and my love-on for high level masterminds into an exclusive experience for women just like me:

          ~ Private Coaching for emotional support, clarifying & feedback

          ~ Group Masterminds for centering-in, idea generation & togetherness

          ~ SoulSpa Inner Circle Membership for sharing & kinship

          ~ Exclusive Learning Modules for a clear, guided process & soul growth

But, there was one final touch missing...
I wanted to be able to experience the nourishing energy of deeply connected, soulful conversations and collective impact. This was the precious detail missing from the retreats and masterminds I'd experienced...

I didn't want JUST business growth and learning, I craved

collective spiritual growth! 

Deep down in my soul, I could see and knew the POTENTIAL that sat right in the midst of every mastermind group meeting and every retreat experience...and no one was capitalizing on it!

I KNEW that the growth and impact of one individual was nothing compared to the growth and impact of a group of like minded individuals. If space was held for these women to connect at the Soul level, I knew Spirit would IGNITE potential, momentum and impact beyond anything they'd imagined or experienced before!!

So, we'll gather together for a weekend twice during the 10 months to hold space for our collective impact and growth to be ignited through nature, meditation, sound therapy and exploration in a cozy location (with a fabulous view & a crackling fire, of course!)

"Jackie is one of those rare human beings who's got a natural ability to connect with others on a deep soul level and in a way that inspires personal development without feeling 'whoo-hoo' or weird.
Her own life experience combined with her incredible sense of humour, heart, humility and zest for life make her a joy to work with.  Anyone thinking about hiring a personal coach should not hesitate.  Jackie is a gift!”  
 ~ Heather Petherick 
Success Coach 
Ottawa, Canada 
The Details:

1. Private Coaching 2 X 1 hour private coaching calls with me each month to focus in on your personal & spiritual growth   #accountability   #support   #guidance

2. Intuitive Sessions 1 X 1 hour intuitive session with me each month (dousing, oracle/tarot reading, etc) to 

3. Guided Process you'll gain access to 2 learning modules each month to align with your Soul Self, nurture your self mastery and awaken your intuition

4. Live Weekend Gatherings 2 x 3 day weekend retreats over the course of our 10 months together to connect, share, relax, enjoy & IGNITE. (Think: nature, meditation, soulful conversations, centering in deep with Spirit and feeling high on life...and of course, great food, amazing scenery, laughter, connection!). Your experiences and learnings are included, you pay your travel, hotel & food.

Impact Igniter Experience 2019 

​Private Mentoring. Spiritual Masterminds. Soul Level Impact.

Awaken your intuition. Trust in your life.

Let's Discuss!
**I offer a complimentary 30 minute Discovery Session where we'll get clear on your needs, desires and goals, identify what has been holding you back or getting in the way and discover if we are a good fit to work together.  Simply click the 'Let's Chat' button above to access my calender and book your complimentary discovery session.
​​"Working with Jackie has been the best investment I ever made. Starting off disconnected from the knowings my own heart had been screaming at me for years. She patiently, and without judgement, walked me back to my higher self, having heard her (my higher self)  and felt her all along in my words, and had faith to allow me space to discern as much for myself.

She is an artist in her healing work, trusting Spirit and knowing intuitively where light needs to be shone. It's hard to describe the feeling of being at home in one's own soul - but that has been what she's done for me. She has been the heartbridge and such a gift in my life...and it has rippled out to those around me in such profound ways. So much gratitude!!"
​April Ionson  
Spirit River, Alberta