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          ​Hey Gorgeous,

I am Jackie Harray and I'm all about
YOU trusting in your intuition



As a heart centered woman, I have always been a 'seeker', a deep feeler and a thinker;  ​however, for most of my life, I hid my sensitive tendencies, emotions and seeking beneath a thick layer of tough, tomboy, farm girl bravado.




At 35yrs of age, I found myself at rock bottom - I had been through what felt like a 'public shaming'...​I felt humiliated, worthless and like I'd lost all sense of direction & purpose in my .

Life Coach training, courses and practice sessions later...I thought my 'growth' was done and my path was 'set'. I was a 'coach' and that was my business.

Boy...was I wrong.

Now, I mentor, teach, guide and support other heart centered women - to awaken their sense of intuition in life, tap into their intuitive side and uncover the source of their purpose in life.​​

You're in the right place if you're ready to:

​Understand life's purpose & meaning

​Trust Life & let go of self doubt

​Confidently navigate life & your emotions

​Enjoy life from a state of peace & calm

Ditch the endless mind chatter & stress

​Re-kindle your enjoyment of life

​Tap into your 'inner knowing'

​Ignite your spiritual connection

​Did I intend to develop my intuition & intuitive abilities? The answer is a flat-out 'no'. But looking back, I now see a beautifully laid out journey.
I sold cattle, ranched & talked guy-talk - did I mention I love a good beer?!. I grew up with four brothers in rural Saskatchewan - with farm life, family, hockey, skating, 4-H and church at the center of it. So, naturally, I was pretty laid back - steering a wide path around drama & gossip, embodying the ‘low maintenance’ mentality and definitely avoiding any weak ‘emotions’ or 'spiritual-type' talk.

Life is ironic though, by the time I hit my mid-thirties, to my horror - I began to realize I was deeply feeling AND emotional!! (Of all the luck, hey?!)

(AND, as much as I portrayed the ‘perfect’ exterior of having it all together: beautiful family, loving husband, 3 healthy, happy children - I found myself feeling increasingly lost - living life in a fog - unsure what my ‘problem’ was, experiencing bouts of depression, an endless string of ‘mind chatter’ and plunging myself into ‘busyness’ to keep the panic at bay.)

I found my way into working with a life coach (I had never even heard of that before!) and, within 2 weeks of working together, found myself FULL of hope, excitement and direction in my life again!! 

---> She...was an igniter in my journey - that soul who re-stokes the flames and gets you burning again. #stillgrateful #tearsofgratitude #myshiftpoint

I had no clue where I was going - what I would be doing - or what I was trying to create in my life, but I knew one thing: I felt A-mazing and I just wanted to keep experiencing that in my life.

After having dreamt alll night, I awoke promptly at 4:05am on a January morning...having been guided in a dream to incorporate 'intuitive readings' into my coaching program and wrote 3 pages of notes. Insert Umm..I had no idea how to intuitively read someone and I certainly wasn't intuitive!!...what would my friends & family think?! Would I lose all credibility as a coach?? My ego mind went into hyper over-drive... 

I struggled to embrace this 'calling' (pretty sure I kicked, screamed and cryed about it to my Guides for an entire summer!). My Team blocked me from finding down-to-earth sense of 'belonging'. After exhaustive research that turned up zero results < imagine that given the availability of the internet!> I gave up and started surrendering to my Team's guidance each morning at 8am.

What ensued was a beautiful, crystal clear development of direct spiritual teachings and intuitive abilities. With no outside influence, experience or knowledge, I began sensing, feeling and teaching intuition that others informed me parralleled what they had just learnt in in-depth psychic training courses. I discovered that Spirit was speaking through me to support, guide and mentor other heart centered empaths like me in a way that hadn't been offered before.  I had become a channel for Spirit.

I compiled my experiences, teachings and insights to create an exclusive guided program so that other deep feeling women could experience what I had experienced.
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