Intuitive Coach & Soul Purpose Navigator
When you enroll in this exclusive mentoring program, you will...

​Awaken your intuition - tap into your
inner knowing; navigate your 
decisions & your life with ease; learn
the necessary skills & tools

Master your mindset; learn the
​secrets of manifesting; ​declutter
your thoughts; cultivate your own
​happiness & fulfillment

Master your emotions, connect
with your Angels & Guides; ​learn
to recognize, hone & use your
intuitive signals


​The Awaken Your Intuition Personal Mastery Program

​is designed for

​Heart Centered, Courageous
​women who are ready to

​Embrace their Inner Knowing
Step Into Their Own Life Story 

​It's not about changing who you are or giving up what you do. Stepping into your own life story is about learning to trust in yourself & your own intuition.


​​​After years of doubting yourself, you're ready to tap into your inner knowing - spirit sense - intuition (but in a down-to earth, legit kinda way). ​You're ready to embrace a spiritual sense of knowing and to know & trust that life is
supporting & assisting you. 


​I totally understand...
​(I've been there too!)

​I walk a line between religion & spirituality that's pretty down to earth & real. You cannot come up with a question, fear or doubt that will surprise me - I was the biggest skeptic.

 As a woman who never intended to develop intuitively, I've got the experience, the steps & the tools that'll take you from 'confused' to 'knowing' in terms of your intuition.

​Slip on the knowing to navigate life with clarity

​This is ALL possible with guidance & support
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"Jackie is one of those rare human beings who's got a natural ability to connect with others on a deep soul level and in a way that inspires personal development without feeling 'whoo-hoo' or weird.
Her own life experience combined with her incredible sense of humour, heart, humility and zest for life make her a joy to work with.  Anyone thinking about hiring a personal coach should not hesitate.  Jackie is a gift!”  
Heather Petherick 
Career Freedom Coach  
Lethbridge, Alberta  

​My coaching style combines
the impact of coaching, guided learning & intuitive readings​​

​Step 1: Private Coaching

​​Private Coaching Sessions  ​​

​You're ready for 1:1 attention & feedback - ready to step it up beyond the do-it-yourself mode (you've already done that) and get the tailored attention that brings BIG results.

​​​(you're serious about fully developing your intuition & experiencing life on a more satisfying level)

​Step 2: Guided Learning

Exclusive Learning Modules

​You want an expert who knows what it takes to navigate through the challenges and growth required to get you where you want to go. (You want a guided path - if you knew how to get there, you'd have already done it!)

​('cause you love organization, clarity & support)

​​​​3. Intuitive Readings​​

Monthly Intuitive Readings

​You can only figure out so much stuff alone - there comes a point when it's necessary to seek direct guidance with your Angels & Guides - to get clear. Channeled guidance focused on your soul lessons.

(​You're fascinated by all things intuitive)
​"With your patience & supportive, unconditional loving approach, ​you guided me to transform ​my entire life completely around, and for that, I will forever be grateful for the blessing you are to me. Thank-you for helping me save my life."

​**UPDATE: "It's absolutely spine chilling how many changes can truly happen in a year! I am an entirely different person and I am so lucky! The personal growth, the people who've never left my side, the lessons I've learned, the challenges, the accomplishments, the ups & downs; proving to myself just how strong the human mind can be and for developing the tools & mindset I did in 2016 (with Jackie) to crush 2017!"
​Renee Newman 
​Lloydminster, Alberta  


Master Your Intuition...
We'll explore & develop your innner knowing in 3 phases:
​​Phase 1: ​​
Self Knowing

  Module 1
Discover why your lack of self knowing creates uncertainty and plug into your foot chakra.

​  Module 2
Discover a layer of clarity around love, relationships and self knowing & empower your sacral chakra.

​  Module 3
Discover how to ignite your passion, self worth & self knowing in work & activities & step into your personal power chakra.
​​Phase 2:
Self Awareness

​Module 4
Learn why weak boundaries confuse your intuition & set yourself up to say no with ease

​Module 5
Learn how you're sabotaging your intuition & develop habits to step out of co-dependency

​Module 6
Discover why worry & anxiety interfere with your intuition & learn how to live in the space of intuition

​Module 7
Discover why happiness-seeking blocks your intuition & learn to source consistent happiness & empower your heart chakra
Phase 3: 
Self Mastery

Module 8: Master Your Beliefs
Why limiting beliefs interfere with our desires & how to bring them into alignment

Module 9: Master your Success
 Why a lack of support sets you up for setbacks & how to nurture support systems for success

​Module 10: Master Your Mindset
How weak mindsets keep you stuck in old patterns & how to create a limitless approach to life

​Module 11: Master Your Intuition
How to gather and bring all the components of your inner knowing together into a powerful sense of intuition.

​Why Self Knowing, Self Awareness & Self Mastery?​​

​Intuition shows up as subtle signs, signals & sensations.  ​You can't possibly hope to recognize, develop & trust your knowing (intuition) without first developing a clear sense of Who You Are (mentally, emotionally & spiritually).

As your knowing of you strengthens,  ​your sense of intuition will naturally strengthen & become clearer. Clarity requires recognition of your own energy, thoughts & emotions ​(vs others energy, thoughts & emotions).

​Intuition is a learned skillset. Just like toning a muscle, intuition must be honed & nurtured consistently. ​Over the course of 6 months, we'll gradually pull all of the pieces together into a  ​clear, trustworthy sense of intuition.

All Inclusive Details...
There's nothing quite like knowing & trusting that ALL of the details are taken care of. This package is offered as  a complete solution.

​Perk #1:

​Unlimited Laser Coaching
​*Unlimited Laser Coaching
Coachable moments for in between calls
​(phone/text/email) so you can share
​your wins & receive support for your

​​Perk # 2

​Soul Balancing & Healing
​r Energetic Life Balancing
​Soul Balancing Session (2 hr) Bring your physical, mental & spiritual selves into balance to clear the way for clarity & self knowing to take hold.

​*1hr Emotional Release & Balancing

​"Before I started working with Jackie I was completely lost ​I didn't know who I was anymore, what I wanted from life or what was important to me. I felt like a ghost.

​Using different coaching tools, step-by-step, Jackie helped me gather myself back together - it was like waking up from the longest dream. Through our work together, I figured out Who I Am in my story and how to own it."

​Anna Khomeriki 
​Business Coach 

​Awaken Your Intuition 

​All Inclusive Package. Private Mentoring. Complete Solution.

​$3,500 cdn

(payment plan available upon request)

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​"These past few months of working with Jackie have been nothing short of AMAZING. Very quickly I felt a deep trust with her as well as so much compassion, understanding & kindness.

​Before starting this program, life was okay however I felt very unsettled, emotional at the drop of a hat & never ending feelings of guilt & discontentment. I've had so many epiphanies & 'a-ha' moments - coaching has brought so much clarity into my life."

Laurie Ritchie
​Owner /Operator
Laurie's Vintage Creations 
​Viking, AB 

​Here's What You Get When You Enroll Now... 

  • ​​​12 Private Coaching Sessions
6 months of support, accountability & feedback; twice monthly; 1hr coaching sessions to keep you on track

  • ​6 Intuitive Readings
Mid-month tailored intuitive readings; connect with your Angels & Guides;  channeled spiritual guidance; focus & clarity around your soul lessons

  • 11 Exclusive Modules
​Step by step process & framework to guide & nurture your development; learning, exercises, tools & recommended resources

  • ​All Inclusive Support
​Unlimited coachable moments for support in between sessions; Email support & recaps of a-ha moments; up front expectations & scheduling

BONUS: Soul Balancing Session
​($150 Value)


​Awaken Your Intuition 

​All Inclusive Package. Private Mentoring. Complete Solution.

​$3,500 cdn

(payment plan available on request)

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​Fall in love with the truth of who YOU are; ​learn how to let go of people pleasing with ease

​Create boundaries & start feeling confident saying 'no'; ​process your emotions & let go of negativity

​Figure out how to nurture peace of mind and live from calm; ​let go of limiting fears & beliefs

​Tap into your intuition & start living life with joy, ease & confidence!

​You'll receive
support, guidance & coaching to:

  • ​Reveal the truth of who you are & finally embrace & love yourself

  • ​Let go of judgement (self & others) and move into a space of acceptance & allowance

  • ​Create personal, energetic & soul alignment to feel centered, calm & at peace

  • ​Let go of worry, anxiety & stress and begin embracing ALL that life leads you through

  • ​Learn the skills & tools to understand your emotions and how to use them to navigate circumstances, relationships & your intuition with ease

  • ​Heal your traumas & insecurities and begin living life forward (rather than backward)

​Are you ready for coaching but wishing there was a lower pricepoint? ​Good news - there are! If you're ready, willing and set to go but need a different price point, I offer 3 different coaching packages to suit your needs. Inquire during your call!

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