Intuitive Coach & Soul Purpose Navigator
          ​Hey Gorgeous,

I am Jackie Harray and I'm all about
YOU trusting in your intuition



As a heart centered woman, I have always been a 'seeker', a deep feeler and a thinker;  ​however, for most of my life, I hid my sensitive tendencies, emotions and seeking beneath a thick layer of tough, tomboy, farm girl bravado.




I had lost all sense of ‘purpose’ and, yet, deep within I had always felt certain that there was a deeper ‘purpose’ to life. How was it possible to not ‘know’ my purpose? Maybe I wasn’t worthy of a purpose? Why did others seem to know and why had I been left out?


You're in the right place if you're ready to:

​Understand life's purpose & meaning

​Trust yourself & let go of self doubt

​Confidently navigate life & your emotions

​Enjoy life from a state of peace & calm

Ditch the endless mind chatter & stress

​Re-kindle your appreciation for life

​Tap into your 'inner knowing'

​Rock your spiritual sense & decisions

​I had no clue what intuition really meant...
I was super skeptical & I had no idea what to ask
(or where to find legit, down-to-earth guidance!)
I sold cattle, ranched, talked guy-talk and drank beer as good as any cowboy. I grew up with four brothers in rural Saskatchewan - with farm life, hockey, skating, 4-H and church as my upbringing. So, naturally, I wanted to be ‘one of the guys’...laid back, no drama, no gossip, no ‘high maintenance’ and certainly no weak ‘emotions’.

Life is ironic though, by the time I hit my mid-thirties, to my horror - I began to realize I was deeply sensing, feeling AND emotional!! (Of all the luck, hey?!)

AND, as much as I portrayed the ‘perfect’ exterior of having it all together: beautiful family, loving husband, 3 healthy, happy children - I found myself feeling increasingly lost - living life in a fog - unsure what my ‘problem’ was, experiencing bouts of depression, an endless string of ‘mind chatter’ and plunging myself into ‘busyness’ to keep the panic at bay.

Over the course of a 5 year journey, I slowly began to uncover and put together the answers and secrets to life's purpose & meaning. I fell into a deep sense of self knowing and self awareness which led to a deep sense of intuition and an unshakeable spiritual connection.

Through the ‘dreaded’ emotions...I discovered an effortless connection to my Soul and my spiritual ‘Team’ and I slowly replaced ‘dreaded’ with ‘revered’.


Now, I mentor, teach, guide and support other heart centered women - to uncover the source of their purpose and self knowing in life - to learn how to embrace their own emotions & experiences as a way to navigate life & relationships with ease.

I invite you to join me and a gathering of other like minded women from around the world in my free, private Facebook group, the SoulSpa, to begin discovering the secrets, tools and language of the Soul.

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